Nir Sivan Architects Venice Street food

Venice street food

project: Concept design, Venice and other Italian Cities
date: 2017
client: dar Ciriola and Grandi Stazioni Retail
category: Retail, Public
function: retail, Public space
role: Architecture, design, concept and coordination


for the 2017 summer and following latest tendency in food consumption and Retail, Nir Sivan Architects was called to study a street food installation and organization for the famous roman store “dar Ciriola” and the Santa Lucia station retail managers “Grandi Stazioni Retail”.
This concept was studied to be placed in the new public area next to the Santa Lucia station but also be expand and placed in other Italian cities with some design adaptations.
The Venice project consists of a space organization in which at list 4 of this concepts will be placed, each includes one Ape car, formal and nonformal seating places, back of the house kitchen that will act as “atmosphere background”, all organized under one tension structure.
The tension structure canopy stands on 3 columns inspired by the Venice boats “gondola”, their operator and his oar in movement
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