Rishon LeTzion Israel

project: City hall redesign
date: 2018
client: Rishon LeTzion Municipality
category: Public
function: Public and social integration space
role: Architecture and Interior Design, Development, Authors control. Done in collaboration with Anat Herman Israel


Rishon municipality is known for its origins related to greenery, water, and handwork tradition. We chose to emphasize
these origins while introducing and enclosing this with new sculpted design and technology innovation instruments
to let citizens feel this is their home and to attract and welcome them to enjoy the piazza in front as well as
the main Foyer inside the building. Images of the city life, as well as the city’s seashore and landscape, will be projected
in interior monitors during the day and light projection on the main membrane element inside the hall. This membrane
element will conduct the design and will form a Heart for the project. New city hall logo and identity design
elements were implemented