Tel-Aviv Sarona area Israel

project: Compatition, in collaboration with Alex Meitlis
date: 2018
client: Melisron, Africa Israel (AFI Group)
category: Private
function: Interior Design, Info point and concept of Foyer
role: Interior Design, Architecture


The LANDMARK tower is a 205m high Skyscraper building, planned in the center of Tel Aviv Sarona market area.
Our idea is to create a design that will express and describe the flow and the circulation of the ground floor as the
eye of a storm.
The sculpture at entry level will serve as Info point having a dynamic shape that generates and reflects its concept to
the floors above and the hundred meters high foyer by delicate elements like handrails and such. This way the concept
will fill the entire space while keeping it light, not massive, yet coherent and artistic.
Different materials as CNC wood base or fiberglass and advanced finishing will be used

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