Florence Police School

project: Public International Tender
date: 2018
client: Florence Police
category: Public
function: Multifunction
role: Design, Architecture
group: Nir Sivan Architects, Eutecne, LANIK others
credit fron Nir Sivan Architects: arch. Nir Sivan, arch. Andrzej Samsonowicz, arch. Luca Marcotullio, arch. Federica Natoli


The new Multifunctional Hall of the Police School, Marshals and Brigadieri “Felice Maritano” will be a point of reference as a space for training, creativity, sporting activity but above all, it will become a symbol of modernity and attraction.
These goals will be achieved thanks to an analysis of the pre-existing structure and analyzing the needs, trends and preferences of the new generation of the public institution.
The current structure, with its rational and clear architecture and composition, offers the right “frame” for a modern and technologically advanced architectural intervention.
The axis and the central Gallery of the current structure, with its arched structure, will be interpreted in a modern key, creating an energy that influences the composition and the volume of the new project. On the other hand, the perimeter circulation of the piazza d’armi courtyard will be well highlighted and integrated into the L5 master plan in order to create a more homogeneous area between the surrounding school and the central function. Depending on the function and needs, the entrances to the new classroom can be opened or remain closed, creating a more controlled flow in and out.


The simple and organic form of the envelope will give a new spirit to the activities of the school and will make the center more modern, open and this will encourage and inspire the implementation of new initiatives.
The shape is born from the requests and the needs, but at the same time it wants to maintain a continuous, natural and fluid relationship between itself, as a constituent element, and the surrounding structure. The idea is to create a more human and modern atmosphere by favoring a relationship between the man who takes advantage of the spaces and architecture. This will be achieved through composition and materials.
The green areas around the classroom will help and improve the insertion of the new intervention in its context in a natural, pleasant and homogeneous way.
The network, the symbolism
Wood, natural cells that slowly form over the years, symbolizes in this project “the thought”. Following this concept, the net of wood, the beams that travel in their direction, symbolizes the “concepts” that were formed slowly during the school activity.
The crossing of the beams with each other, enclosing a volume and creating continuity, symbolize a “net of wisdom”.
The ETFE cushions enclosed in the Grid shell of wooden beams symbolize the new realities created in the center. From here comes a light, full of meaning, which reflects as DIAMONDS and symbolizes a resource of rejuvenation and maturity at the same time, for today and tomorrow.